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Whether you are a property management company with locations in multiple states, or a stand-alone restaurant in Charlotte, our services can improve your company’s image. We know your image is important to you–let us help maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve.
We recognize that no two properties are the same. That’s why we customize maintenance packages to meet each of our individual clients. We have the capacity to schedule any and all of the services listed below either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

We provide our services during non-business hours so that there is no traffic disturbance. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so we make sure to take before and after pictures of every service we do and are able to send them to you so you can see the difference for yourself! (Go to our “Photo gallery” page where you can see pictures of our work!)


Concrete Flatwork and Gum Removal

Through our StandOut process, we make sure that your concrete and walkways areas look and feel clean and fresh. We take special care that the entrances to stores and restaurants are not only presentable but spotless. First impressions are important.
Welcome your customers with a gum-free entrance to your building.

Facade Cleaning

Exposure to the elements may leave the facade or brick columns of your building with mildew and other stains. We can improve the curb appeal of your building by proper chemical application removing mildew and black stains from your building!

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Does your dumpster area look like a dumpster area? We can change that. Using the right products and applying the StandOut process, your dumpster pad will look like the rest of your building, consistent with the clean image of your establishment.

Awning Cleaning

Awnings are in constant need of maintenance. At StandOut we will take care of your awning maintenance needs. Whether they are in need of a deep cleaning or just upkeep, our cleaning process will ensure they remain clean.

Drive-Thru Cleaning

Clean drive-thrus give a positive impression of a company. Whether you are going to receive food or make a bank transaction, it is always nice to drive through a clean place. At StandOut we will make your customers have that experience. We have the equipment and knowledge to
make it so.